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14-02-2016, 14-February-2016 Year(Chandramanam) : Manmadha, Maghamasam, Sukhla Paksham, Thithi : Sapthami 02-13 Next Day,Sunday, Nakshatram : Bharani 04-11 Next Day, Varjyam : 14-36 To 16-07, Durmuhurtham : 16-36 To 17-23, Sunrise : 06:33:00, Sunset : 18:01:00
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Welcome To epurohith.com:
epurohith.com is your reference place to know about Vedic Culture, our mythology and the religious rituals and devotional performances on all occasions - all Vedic rituals recommended for various occasions as mentioned in the Vedic / Hindu Dharma Sastras and Upanishads. Epurohith is virtual Pundit to receive your request for performing these rituals and devotional performances. We arrange for performing the same by reputed and select Vedic Pundits in India for you, either in your presence or in absence on your behalf. Please look at several rituals and poojas that are listed here and choose what you would like to do. We will arrange for the same at the appointed days and time in the sacred temples of your choice.

This service equips in performing rituals (karmas like Pooja, Homas, Vrathas, etc.) even with or without knowledge in performing them. All the activities are explained and illustrated in detail in text, audio & video form.
Aayurveda and Darsanaas

There are very few books in English on the Darsanas. A translation of Sarvadarsana Saara Sangraha by Maadhavaachaarya was published in Trubner's Oriental Series, London. It contains review of the following 16 philosophical systems by

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